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Top 5 Maintenance Tips To Avoid A Gearbox Rebuilding

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Top 5 Maintenance Tips To Avoid A Gearbox Rebuilding

Top 5 Maintenance Tips To Avoid A Gearbox Rebuilding

One of the best ways to make sure any repairs are needed on an industrial gearbox is to do regular maintenance. Preventive measures are always better when it comes to the gearbox. After all, this will avoid a breakdown in the production, which will allow your business to continue to run.

SO, here are 5 maintenance tips that will help you avoid a gearbox rebuilding:

  •  #1 – Keep the workplace and equipment clean

Making sure that both the workplace and equipment are always cleaned and free of debris, dust, and dirt, will male sire that you won’t need a gearbox rebuilding. There are many things that should be done. You should make sure that the inspection ports are clean before opening as well as you shouldn’t forget to close them after inspection, to make sure that the dirt doesn’t enter. Other things that you should look at are the magnetic debris collectors and the filter elements.

Another thing that can help is maintaining the gearbox on a solid foundation in a low humidity and dry area. Besides avoiding the gearbox rebuilding, you’re also making sure that the components won’t break down so easily.

  • #2 – Frequent lubrication

One important part of the maintenance includes lubricating your industrial gearbox frequently. You need to make sure that you use the right amount of lubricant as well as you should only use the recommended type and grade.

  • #3 – Monitor the temperature

Overheating is one common cause that can lead to the gearbox rebuilding. So, one way that you have to assure that it won’t happen is to keep monitoring the temperature of the gearbox. When you notice foam in the sight glass, burned paint on housings, melted plastic components, discoloration, or smoke, these can all be signs of overheating.

  • #4 – Make vibration tests

Vibration tests are important to notice if there are any misalignments of the gears or changes in movement. They should be performed when you notice the gearbox is making some strange and unusual noises.

  • #5 – Search for gear tooth breaks

When a breakdown occurs, it is usually due to a worn down, old equipment, or is simply the result of over stressed. Despite the reason, the gear tooth can break at the root fillet or at the side of the tooth.

By doing the necessary maintenance, you’ll use the correct lubricants, reduce stresses, control torque, and use more resilient couplings.

As you can see, gearbox rebuilding can be prevented with some maintenance. So, make sure that you check each tip in detail and follow the procedures.

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