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Repairing & Rebuilding all Types of Pumps and Blowers

We Repair and Recondition all Types of Blowers Pumps and impellers Stainless Steel Nickel, Brass, Cast iron, hard Faced alloy88 and nylon material. We have a unique way of repairing and rebuilding pump housings by building up and regrinding, machining the worn areas, when they are gouged, chipped, cracked or simply worn out. building up impellers and regrinding or machining back to original size.saving up to 60% from OEM No pump is scrap or unrepariable to PPG. All of our work carries a longer life and longer where guarantee. See Guarantee & Turnaround For fast dependable service please Contact Us.

We also rebuild all types of gear boxes, shafts, rolls, compressors, stone crushing combs, rolls for grinding, and all other types of equipment saving up to 60% from OEM 

List of pumps repaired and many other Foreign and domestic

Tri Clover Pumps
Puma Pumps 
Cherry Burrell Pumps
Waukesha Pump repair
APV/Crepaco Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps
Brian & Luebbe Pumps
Graco Pumps
Ammonia Pumps
Chemical Pumps
Durco Pumps
Trash Pumps
Cooling Tower Pumps

Graco Pumps 
Flowserve Pumps
Berkeley Pumps
Varisco Solid Pump Solutions
United Rentals Pump Solutions
Gardner Denver Pumps
Donjoy Pumps
Wilden Pumps
Aftermarket Vs. OEM
Liberty Process
Custom Pump Packages

Rubber Fab Technologies Group
Gorman-Rupp Pumps
Alfa Laval Pumps 
Goulds Pumps
Chopper Pumps
Vaughan Pumps
Clyde Associated Engineers
Pumps & Process Equipment
Neptune Pump Solutions Group
Cannon Water Technology
Cornell Pump Company

Vacuum Pumps 
Industrial Pumps
Food Pumps
Wilden Diaphragm Pumps
Misc., Diaphragm Pumps
Sine Pumps
Moyno Pumps
APV/Crepaco Pumps
March Pumps
Viking Pump
Roper Pumps
Summit Pumps

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