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Repairing & Rebuilding Screws, Barrels, Segments, & Pelletizers,


Gear Repair

We repair extruding screws, barrels, feed throats, injection molding screws, feed screws, rubber molding screws, double-barreled screws, Pelletizers, and recycling knives, plastics granulating knives, grinder blades, chopper blades, and all types of mixtures, segments, and screens.

PPG has a unique way of refurbished equipment back to its standard size, and returning it to it’s original specification with a longer life and warranty. Even if the equipment is chipped, broken, cracked, or down from previous grinding, we can refurbish back to manufactures specifications.

Repair and rebuild services include flight repairs, root and radius repairs, and full length coatings on extrusion and injection screws. Fligiht repairs are performed using a multi-step welding process utilizing plasma transferred arc welding with a complete quality control system.Root and Radius repairs, as required, are made with compatible base metals or hardsurfacings for value added protections against future damage. Full length coatings offer additional protectioin to extruders processing fiberglass or talc reinforced resins. We can repair and rebuild strand, underwater and water ring pelletizers and bring them back to run efficiently. Whether it’s a simple knife change or complete rebuild of the entire unit and drying system we have the knowledgeable staff, machining capabilities and parts to do the job.

No equipment is scrap, we can save it all. Our advanced grinding/polishing O.D.I.D. has centerless grinding capabilities and all types of welding. We complete all work efficiently and Guarantee all work for (36) months from time of installation. Contact Us!

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