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PPG is a leader in these Industries. We continue to set the bar in our leadership position through innovation in customer service and quality craftsmanship and products. any shop can disassemble and reassemble an industrial Gearbox and call it Gearbox Repair. However, few can do it with the resources and quality that PPG provides. No matter the original equipment manufacturer or whether or not drawings are available; our service engineers will evaluate each mechanical component of the Gearbox and provide a complete analysis and Gearbox repair plan with savings up to 60% from OEM.

All major components are totally disassembled, cleaned, repaired, or replaced to meet OEM specifications. All bearings, seals, and bushings are replaced with genuine OEMgearbox repair replacement parts.

We are number one in leadership position through innovation in customer service and quality craftsmanship and products. For a list of our satisfied customers throughout the US and Canada please contact one of our sales representatives Today


Gearbox rebuilding




Machine Shop Equipment



(1) Sundstrand S-60.. 5-Ax18 80 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C- 72″x66″x75″‘ (6000 RPM Spindle)
(3) Sundstrand OM-4.. 5-Ax1s 60 Tools D.N.C./C-N.C. 98″x72″x72″‘ (9000 RPM Spindle)
(6) Sundstrand OM-3.. 5-Axis 60 Tools C.N.C./C.N.C. 48″x48″x48″
(1) Sundstrand OM-2.. 5-Axis 40 Tools C.N.C./C.N.C. 84″x60x24.5″
(1) Sundstrand 8-80.. 5 Axis 60 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C. 72″x65”x54″ (with pallet changer)
(1) Sundstrand S-80.. 5 Axis 60 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C. 48″x65”x54″ (with pallet changer)


(1) DMC 60-T…5-Axts 30 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C. 31″x22″x22″ (with pallet changer)
(1) Sundstrand OM-2A… 5-Axis 40 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C. 40″x32″x28″ (with pallet changer)
(1) Sundstrand OM-2A…5-Axis 40 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C. 40″x32″x26″
(1) Sundstrand OM-1… 5-Axis 40 Tools D.N.C./C.N.C. 24″x22x18″
All machining centers have auto-tool gauging. probe capability. certified on.. machine inspection available.


D.N.C./C.N.C……….American 322OW 34″x48”
D.N.C./C.N.C…………American 2010 (Twin Turret) 21″x54″
D.N.C./C.N.C. V.T.L…. Sundstrand 63″x48″‘
D.N.C./C.N.C. V.T.L… Producto 61″ x 26″ (16 tool changer)
All the above supported by conventional tool room equipment.
4.3 Shibaura HBM 73″ x 47″
Droop & Rein Horizontal Boring Mills 5″ spindle


56″ Bullard VTL
Mazak Engine Lathe 26″ x 96″
King VTL – 67″ Swing
Leblond Engine Lathe – 50″ x 180″
Leblond Engine Lathe – 40″ x 144″
Clausing Engine Lathe 9″ x 54″
Monarch Engine Lathe – 24″ x 98″
OVERHEAD CRANES 30 ton 5 ton


Hard Chrome Plating.
Nickel Plating.
Hard face Plating.
Metal Plating.
Micro Coating.
Silver Plating.
All types of polishing by hand or machine.


50 Ton Arbor Press
150 Ton Hydraulic Press


Controlled atmosphere clean room
VFD Test Run / Balancing Station


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Precision Pump and Gear Works

Formed in 1985, our reputation has been built on high-quality Gear and Gearbox repair. We utilize the latest machine tools, responsive service, and an expert workforce to provide you with solutions to your power Transmission & Gearbox applications. We can respond quickly to any service call or emergency repair needs. Our experienced staff has the expertise to repair and rebuild a variety of Gearboxes and all types of wearing equipment at either of our five locations

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