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Gloucester gearbox repair process with before and after pictures

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Gloucester gearbox repair process with before and after pictures

Gloucester gearbox repair process with before and after pictures

When your Gloucester gearboxes experience any failure, PPG Works is the real foundation, promising customer-focused and focused services immediately. An unexpected gearbox letdown effects in expensive downtime, affecting numerous operations at your facility. We assist you overwhelmed such critical situations by repairing your units back to process quickly and affordable. Once your Gloucester gearbox reaches PPG-Works, we undo, clean, examine and measure all gears and shafts and conclude if your Gloucester gears and shafts are capable of to be repaired. If the Gloucester gears and shafts are not capable, we have the experiences and proficiency to manufacture all new Gloucester gears and shafts such as Helical, Double Helical, Herringbone, Split Herringbone, Bevel, Spiral Bevel, Spur Gears, Ring Gears, Eternal Ring Gears, Rack & Pinion, Worm Gears, Double Enveloping Worm Gears, Hypoid Gears, and Screw Gears. PPG Works can do all of these maintenances and restores at a considerable amount of saving rather than purchasing a new Gloucester gearbox.  We will determine the basis of failure and deliver this data along with our quotation. Any indication of misalignment, extreme heat or overloading in your engine will be noted where most other opponents would desire to buy new Gearbox. In most cases, cracked Gloucester gearboxes can be easy repairs to like-new conditions more quickly and cost-effectively than purchasing new. In other cases, such as when allocating with an old unit, it may be better to start from scratch.

Pictured here are 2 gearboxes that we did for (1) of our returning customers.

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