Gloucester Gearbox Repair

Gloucester Gearbox Repair by PPG Works 

Check out the latest Gloucester Gearbox Repair by PPG Works. PPG works repaired and rebuilt this 6” Gloucester Extruder Gearbox within three weeks! During this time PPG works manufactured new gears replaced all bearings seals and gaskets for a customer in Massachusets. The customer praised PPG works on the workmanship and turn around time. The customer was so happy with the job by PPG works he told he would be sending another gearbox after he puts this one into production. 

Gloucester Gearbox Before Picture:


Gloucester Gearbox Repair by PPG Works

Gloucester Gearbox After PPG Works:


Gloucester Gearbox Repair by PPG Works

Do you have a Gloucester Extruder Gearbox that may need repair? PPG Works will, pick up your Gloucester Extruder Gearbox and have it delivered to our location. Once PPG works receive the gearbox, we will inspect all mechanical components. Our team will see what all needs to be repaired replaced or manufactured. We will then provide you a written estimate and a turnaround time. At this time, we will also provide pictures of the damaged components. Give us a call today 713-862-6200 or click here for a free gearbox repair online quote

About PPG Works: 

Since 1986, PPG works has the reputation of high-quality Gear and Gearbox repair. We utilize the latest machine tools, responsive service, and an expert workforce to provide you with solutions to your power Transmission & Gearbox applications. We can respond quickly to any service call or emergency repair needs. 

If You Are Looking For A Reliable, Robust, Proven Gear Solution For Your Industrial Process, Or In Need Of Rapid Gearbox Service, Repair & Complete Overhaul Then Give Us A Call Today

All Of Our Work Is Backed By Our Guarantee Not To Chip, Flake, Peel Or Wear Out, Within A Period of A 12, 24, 36 or 48 Month Warranty From Time Of Installation.