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Which kind of Gearbox repair? 

Which kind of Gearbox repair? We repair all makes and models high and low-speed. Contact PPG Works today for free quote and estimate! 

As part of our platform for industrial wear equipment repair services, Precision Pump & Gear Works reconditions and repairs all types of Gears and Gearboxes. Our shop is equipped with the newest technology machine tools and staffed by knowledgeable technicians with insight based on years of experience in Gear repair. With our five locations in the United States and services that set the industry standard, companies from all over the country leverage our reconditioning and repair capabilities to cost-effectively revitalize their Gearboxes and keep their machinery operating at peak performance.

When Gears are chipped, gouged, damaged, and worn, we bolster their performance by restoring them to OEM specifications. We examine the Gear to determine the cause of failure, such as misalignment, excessive heat, or overloading to help resolve any issues or problems with the gear's performance. Inside the machine shop, we build up and regrind Gears to critical tolerances, repair journals and bearing surfaces, and build replacement components. We can plate Gears to improve performance as well as apply a heat treatment. With our equipment assets and specialized experience, no repair is too difficult or too complicated.

We have 30-ton lifting capacity and handle all types of Gearboxes of any size. Working two shifts per day allows us to provide fast turnaround and rush and emergency services are available. Examples of gear types we recondition and repair include Helical, Double Helical, Herringbone, Bevel, Worm and many others. To learn more about our reconditioning and repair services or any of our other capabilities, including rollers, pumps and blowers repair and reconditioning, contact us directly.

Typically our standard turnaround is one to two weeks. This could be faster or longer depending on the job and condition of your industrial gear repair. Contact PPG Works today for free quote and estimate!

Yes! All our Gears are repaired and rebuilt to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Contact PPG Today For Free Quote on your next Industrial gear repair job!

We have over 10,000 parts in stock, bearings,bushings,seals, and gaskets. Contact PPG Works today!

Yes! All work is guaranteed for 24 months from the time of installation! Contact Us Today for Free Quote!

Yes it makes all the sense in the world by rebuilding your old unit Back to OEM specifications For a fraction of the cost! Contact us today for free quote on your next gearbox repair!

Do you have a Extruder Gearbox that needs repair? The Gearbox Repair experts at PPG Works can repair your Extruder to full working condition with warranty. PPG Works is #1 on Google when you search "Industrial Gearbox Repair" and there is a reason. Google recognizes the quality in our work and repairs and ranked us above all the others. So, when we say we can help with your Extruder Gearbox repair we mean it. The Extruder company has been around for a very long time and they manufacture some of the best quality gears. However, these Extruder will need repair someday. Extruder offers gearbox repair on their website, but PPG works will most likely beat them in cost and turnaround time. We encourage you to get a free quote on your Extruder Gearbox Repair from PPG Works today!

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Formed in 1985, our reputation has been built on high-quality Gear and Gearbox repair. We utilize the latest machine tools, responsive service, and an expert workforce to provide you with solutions to your power Transmission & Gearbox applications. We can respond quickly to any service call or emergency repair needs. Our experienced staff has the expertise to repair and rebuild a variety of Gearboxes and all types of wearing equipment at either of our five locations

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