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Pelletizer Repair​ by PPG Works Before and After

Check out this Pelletizer Repair​ before and after video done by PPG Works. The leaders in Gearbox repair and rebuild. Check out the process below in which we handle your Gearboxes with care. All of our gearbox repairs come with warranty.

Industrial Gearbox Repair by PPG Works Call us today 713-862-6200 - We Are PPG Works, and we offer Pelletizer Repair​!

After the Pelletizer Repair​ process is completed, we will provide certified documentation for all MAG inspection All work carries a 48-month warranty not to chip flake peel or wear out, and the warranty will not start until your Pelletizer Repair​ is in use. We also provide our customers a free pick up and delivery also a free estimate on Pelletizer Repair​ All work orders will not begin repair process until PO# verification, or email verification is granted to proceed with repairs. If work is not approved your Pelletizer will be returned in its original condition upon arrival Again thank you for choosing the experts at PPG-WORKS for your next Pelletizer Repair​ job.