Hansen Gearbox Repair and Extruder Gearbox Repair by PPG Works The Industrial Gearbox Repair Experts

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Here is a perfect example of the work that we do here at PPG Works. This is a Hansen Gearbox repaired for a customer in Kansas City Kansas. This customer had the Gearbox done and repaired within 2 weeks time. We have the capabilities of breathing new life into Hansen Gearboxes. Some clients think they need to buy a brand new Gearbox instead of doing a Gearbox repair. Not true. Consult PPG Works first, we are the experts in Industrial Gearbox repair jobs. This is just one of the hundreds of Gearboxes we have repaired for our clients throughout the United States. We are #1 in Hansen Gearbox repair and we are ready to help you with your next job. Please give us a call or contact us if you need Gearbox repair. Let us earn your business and save you money in downtime