Gearbox Repair. Lufkin Gearbox Repair. Extruder Gearbox Repair.

Lufkin Gearbox Repair. Extruder Gearbox Repair. 


Excellent and Fast – Gearbox Service, Refurbishing.

With more than one million Gearboxes Repaired worldwide over the years, Service plays a strategic role in supporting customers and is a key to the company’s success. PPG Customer service offering includes a comprehensive network of specialists ensuring the highest levels of customer support anywhere in the world. 

A team of qualified and experienced technicians will find the best and fastest solution to minimize downtime and know exactly how to maintain, repair and service installed equipment, even in the most critical circumstances and around the clock. A like-new repair and upgrade service turns factory repair Gearboxes into nearly new, fully upgraded solutions for improved performance. To make everything as easy as possible for our customers,

We arrange FREE transport and deliveries worldwide.

PPG has good experience with the repair and refurbishment of single & twin screw counter & Co rotating extruder gearboxes for the Plastics Rubber & Food industry.

All our extruder Gearbox repairs are fitted with case hardened and tooth ground gears offering maximum reliability and efficiency 

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for all your gearing needs, and have the experience to know exactly what to recommend for your gearing application from small repairs to complete rebuilds.

This is backed by our 35 years experience in design & development of extruder gearboxes for plastics & rubber industry, so you can be assured your gearbox has been repaired to the highest standard.

Many companies have found it cost effective to have their units repaired by us rather than send it back to the OEMs, who are often overseas. We repair, re-engineer and sometimes re-invent your gearing with the latest engineering technology that makes it better than the original. And all our repairs are backed by our 12-24-36-Month warranty from time of installation GEARBOX REPAIR. Thank you.