FALK Y Series Gearbox Repaired and Rebuilt with a 10 day Turnaround

13 September 0   14

Here is a great example of the quality and the work done by PPG Works. We have the before and after pictures of this FALK Y Gearbox repaired and rebuilt in 10 days. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the quality of work and turnaround you can expect from PPG Works. We are the leaders in Falk Gearbox repair, and we are if you need any work done with Gearbox Repair. PPG Works did the entire gearbox repair that included shafts replaced all new bearings seals and gaskets. This was done for a great client in the Phoenix Arizona area. 

If you need a Gearbox repaired call PPG works today or contact us online with the form you see on the right side of the page here.