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Do you have a Extruder Gearbox that needs repair? The Gearbox Repair experts at PPG Works can repair your Extruder Gearbox to full working condition with warranty. PPG Works is #1 on Google when you search "Industrial Gearbox Repair" and there is a reason. Google recognizes the quality in our work and repairs and ranked us above all the others. So, when we say we can help with your Extruder Gearbox repair we mean it. The Davis-Standard Extruder company has been around for a very long time and they manufacture some of the best quality gears. However, these Extruders will need repair someday. Davis-Standard Extruder offers gearbox repair on their website, but PPG works will most likely beat them in cost and turnaround time. We encourage you to get a free quote on your Extruder Gearbox Repair from PPG Works today!