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03 April

PPG Works Does Flender Gearbox Repair for North Carolina Customer

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PPG Works had the amazing opportunity to work with a customer based out of North Carolina who needed the rebuilding and reassembly of two Flender Gearboxes. You can see from the before and after pictures the quality of work that goes into a PPG Works Industrial Gearbox repair. These two Flender Gearbox repairs were done on time and under budget. We love proving to our customers that the gearboxes can be repaired and rebuilt. Saving customers tens of thousands of dollars versus buying new.

13 March

Koellmann 90mm Extruder Gearbox Repair by PPG Works!

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This is a Koellmann 90mm Extruder Gearbox before and picture for a great customer located in Roanoke, Texas. As you can see the Gearbox repair job done by PPG works was done with perfection. When most customers think they need to buy a new Gearbox, we surprise them that we can repair the Industrial Gearbox. Most of the time, PPG works comes in under budget and completes before the projection date. At PPG Works, we always guarantee our work. We take pride in Gearbox repair jobs like this Koellmann 90mm Extruder job.

14 February

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Maag Gear Pump Repair, Maag Extruder Gear Pump Repair,

07 February

Zambello Extruder Gearbox by PPG Works - Check out Finished Product

Posted by:ppgworks

This is a zambello extruder gearbox that we recently completed for one of our clients. The client thought he needed a new one. We explained we are experts in zambello extruder gearbox repair. We can have this job done within a few weeks and under budget. Take a look at the after picture. If you need zambello extruder gearbox repair done call the experts at PPG-Works. 

08 January

Caterpillar Gearbox Repair model# 364-8420 - Done For Customer Under Budget and Within 2 Weeks!

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Check out this Caterpillar Gearbox Model# 364-8420 Repair we did for our customer. This Caterpillar Gearbox Gas Generator Model# 364-8420 was repaired for our client within two weeks! This is the type of service you hundreds and hundreds of customers have come to know and trust from We are the ultimate in Gearbox repair. Most of the time our customers think when the Gearbox Repair breaks they need to buy a new one.

30 September

Lufkin Gearbox Repair Before and After Pictures by PPG Works

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Here is a perfect example of the work that we do here at PPG Works. This is a Lufkin Gearbox repaired for a customer in Baton Rouge Louisiana. This customer had the gearbox done and repaired within 2 weeks time. We have the capablity of breathing new life into Lufkin Gearboxes. Some clients think they need to buy a brand new gearbox instead of doing a gearbox repair. Not true. Consult PPG Works first, we are the experts in Industrial Gearbox repair jobs. This is just one of the hundreds of gearboxes we have repaired for our clients.

21 September

PPG Works is Best for Gearbox Repair Nationwide

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When your industrial gearbox breaks down, it can cause serious disruption to your business. You need to get it repaired quickly and by someone you can trust. Finding the best gearbox repairs in the USA isn’t always easy though. There are several companies to choose from; how can you be sure you’re choosing the best. Well, worry no more. Here are four reasons why PPG is best for gearbox repairs in the US.

13 September

FALK Y Series Gearbox Repaired and Rebuilt with a 10 day Turnaround

Here is a great example of the quality and the work done by PPG Works. We have the before and after pictures of this FALK Y Gearbox repaired and rebuilt in 10 days. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the quality of work and turnaround you can expect from PPG Works. We are the leaders in Falk Gearbox repair, and we are if you need any work done with Gearbox Repair.

26 August

extruder gearbox repair Davis-Standard gearbox repair

Davis-Standard Gearbox repair

27 May

Repair on Lufkin Gearbox by PPG Works

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We had an inquiry on our website today concerning a repair on a Lufkin Gearbox Repair. The person asked if we could repair the Lufkin Gearbox, and of course we replied right away and took care of this customer. by explaining to him Lufkin Gearbox repairs is what we do best at PPG Works. We have the experience and know how to fix any Lufkin Gearbox repair. We often deal with customers who think the Lufkin Gearbox is broke and they need to buy a new one. However, the repair job could save thousands of dollars & down time and is always an option.


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